Villa di Tirano

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Villa di Tirano has always been a very important place for trade, in fact it is located along the old “Valeriana Road” that comes from the beginning of Valtellina and arrives until the little churc of Santa Perpetua to continue in Swizzerland.

The village lies at the foot of the Rhaetian Alps, in the sunny side of the valley .
It’s close to the villages of Stazzona and Motta which are instead in the side of the Orobic Alps.

Originally the village had several districts that still today offer to turists very attractive views of the ancient architecture.

The old vineyards all around the village are developed very good. In fact in Villa di Tirano you can visit many wineries that produce the tipical red wine Valtellina DOC. 

Another tipical product is apple, there are in fact numerous plantations of Golden and Stark apples which are sold by the local cooperative.
Every year, during the second week of October,it is organized one of the most important events of the Province of Sondrio: “the Festival of apples and grapes .

In addition to the numerous churches I recommend you a stop on the ‘ancient stone bridge , which was built over the original floor of the river Adda.

For nature and sports lovers I remember you that just near Aprica you find the Natural Reserve of Pian di Gembro which offers a natural enviroment and rare alpine flora. During the winter it is also traced a cross-country skiing and trails suitable for snowshoeing.

From Villa di Tirano there are finally numerous bike and hiking trails.