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Tirano is a town whit many tourist attractions. It is located at the heart of Valtellina, just near Switzerland, in a strategic location that has distinguished its history.

The center of Tirano is a fascinating intertwining of ancient streets, squares and arches, palaces of considerable value, including Palazzo Salis and historical sights of the ancient wall, built by Ludovico Sforza called “il Moro”, and of the Castle of Santa Maria, and Poschiavina, Bormina and Milanese Doors. 

Tirano has became internationally famous in the sixteenth century because of the miraculous appearance of the Madonna (29/09/1504) and thanks the building of the sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin .
It’s a monument of great beauty that needs your visit during your holiday. In the elegant eighteenth century house (the house of the Penitentiary) overlooking the historical Piazza Basilica you find the Ethnographic Museum of Tirano , another interesting destination for your visit.

Finally do not miss the fantastic journey on the Bernina red train that has to Tirano the terminus, the only Italian stop of the trip.